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Line Item Receivables Statement - Business Central Custom Report

Our HR client needed to customize their receivable statement to show every line item on each open invoice. Each line on the statement would show the name of an individual billed for a specific time period. The lines would be grouped by invoice number (multiple personnel billings per invoice). Each line would show a line number to uniquely identify whom the charge was for. The line charges were not to be shown; however, the group total for the invoice number (same time period) was shown. The remaining balance on the invoice was shown, in case there had been partial payments. The grand total of all open invoices for the statement period range was at the bottom of the report.

Below you will see a receivables statement showing all the billings (in line item detail) for a 10 week period. Were it not for the Application Language (AL) in Business Central this customized report would not have been possible.

Customer statement in Business Central


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