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Affordable, Custom Application Language (AL) Development

for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Where out-of-the-box doesn't fit YOUR unique, proprietary, complex business

Accelerated with Copilot AI to deliver code projects faster, better, and cheaper (see how)


Experienced On-Shore Developers at Off-Shore Pricing.

$110/hour - Fixed Fee Projects including Support- Fair Terms.

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Application Language  (AL) is the programming language for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, enabling developers to create, modify, and extend functionalities tailored to business needs. Used within Visual Studio Code, AL allows for the development of data models, business logic, and user interfaces through a structured, object-oriented approach. It facilitates clean, maintainable, and upgradeable customizations, ensuring applications remain robust over time. AL's design focuses on enhancing the adaptability and scalability of Business Central, making it a key tool for custom ERP solutions.


Our Services

At PDG Consultants, we specialize in building custom software solutions to meet the unique requirements of your business - directly within Business CentralWith our expertise in Application Language (AL) and Visual Studio Code, we can write any custom:  Report, Document, List or Card Page, Data Import, API Integration, Workflow, System Job Automation, or complete Mini Application directly inside the Business Central UI. These extensions to Business Central are called PTE's, Per-Tenant-Extensions. 


Once these PTE's are installed and working 100%, you will have ownership of the Extensions and the source code. PDG Consultants will provide full documentation and support.


Here are some examples of our work:

Custom Payables Integration with Avid Exchange

Check Remittance Report for Business Central

MICR Checks and Auto-changing Bank Details

Rules-based Signatures for Checks

Auto-Default Vendor Distribution Accounts

Legacy Sales Data Import and Analysis

Bank Reconciliation Enhancement

Accounting Company Setup for Quick Billing

Lease Management with Recurring Billing

Custom Document Generation (Packing Slips, Shipping Manifests, Invoices, etc.)

Dimension Combination Restrictions for Purchasing

System Job Automation

Complex Report Modifications

API Integration for Data Enrichment

"Mini Warehouse" Extension

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Application Language (AL) 

Where out-of-the-box doesn't fit YOUR unique, proprietary, complex business


We have over 20 years of experience

supporting Dynamics users with installs, upgrades, training, and customization. Here are just some of our notable clients: