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Check Remittance Forms absent in BC Cloud - until now

We were spoiled coming from GP, which had check remittance forms for invoice overflow from the check stub. In Business Central, invoice overflow on the check stub gets printed on the next check stub, with VOID stamped across the second check face. It's not pretty and throws the customer's check numbering off.

PDG was forced to write a custom extension for BC Cloud, which delivers the check remittance feature - because our customer's AP Clerk of 20

years threatened to quit, unless we did it.

So here are a bunch of screenshots showing that extension.


22 invoices were added to a vendor in our client's sandbox. Our remittance app has a limit of 20 invoices at this stage, so we will write a check to apply 20 of the 22 open invoices. The Payment Journal below gets the amount filled in once all the invoices have been chosen to apply.


Here are the invoices to Apply, with 20 selected to pay.


Here is the Check Option Window ready to print the check.


Here is the check, with 10 invoices on the stub and a note on the stub "*** CONTINUED ON REMITTANCE ***".

This client used pre-printed check stock, so no need to show the customer origin data: address, bank, MICR, captions, etc.


We try to Post the check after printing, but the system prevents us from Posting until a Remittance is printed.


There is now a button on the Payment Journal, under the Process Menu to "Print Check Remittance".


A custom Word report was created to display/print the Remittance form.


Here is the Check Remittance showing all invoices which had been applied, not just the remainder from the stub.


Verifying these 20 invoices were paid is easily done by visiting the Vendor Ledger History.


Our client has been using it for 6 months now. Haven't heard any complaints. Perhaps we'll put it on App Source, after we extend the maximum applied invoices well beyond 20.

Special thanks to my genius Partner for writing this extension.

Steve Simon

PDG Consultants, Inc.

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