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Default Vendor Expense Accounts in GP and Business Central

Microsoft Dynamics GP allows the setting of a default expense account for a vendor.

Business Central does not have that functionality.

Below you see the GP Vendor Maintenance form with an additional screen setting the Purchases Account.


Here is a GP Payables Transaction Entry. It is quick to enter a single line with an optional Description.

The G/L Distribution automatically defaults to what was set on the Vendor Maintenance form.


Because Business Central does not automatically default the Vendor’s G/L Account, the user is tasked to manually fill it in on a Payables Transaction.

To remedy this -

two custom fields were added to the Vendor Card in Business Central.

These will be used to populate a Vendor Batch for a General Journal in Business Central.

(A General Journal in Business Central is akin to a Payables Transaction in GP.)


Entering the same transaction in Business Central (as was done previously in GP) now automatically defaults to the G/L Distribution Account set on the Vendor Card: “Repair & Maintenance”.


Our BC customization saves the AP User from having to remember G/L balancing accounts for Vendor Payables Transactions. It was standard in GP but missing in BC, without customization.



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