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Dynamics GP – Management Reporter 2012 – How to Clear Report Queue

This applies to Dynamics GP Management Reporter version 2.1.1037.15 and later.

When MR Reports fail, they leave a trail in the MR Report Status Queue. Once we figure out what the error causes were, we can safely clear this queue. For example, here were some consolidated reports that failed because the user didn’t select any members of the consolidating group. He just selected the group folder. Simple to correct. But now the error messages still remain in the queue.

I Google’d this problem and found a number of solutions. Some which no longer worked and some which might cause more harm than good. The one I chose to modify – said to use SQL to delete all records in the ManagementReporter..RepositoryMessage table. Since there were 40,000 records in that table and all were linked to other tables, I thought that would orphan many related records unnecessarily.

I noticed that there were only a few lines in the Report Queue. All were errors. So I put a filter on the DELETE query for

“[KEY] LIKE ‘%error'”. First I did a SELECT and copied those 18 records to a backup table, in case I needed to backtrack. Then ran the DELETE with that filter. Checked the Report Queue and it was clear.

Also you can narrow the scope of the query to a date range which will include the dates shown in the window. This is simply a cosmetic change, so the user doesn't have to sit through error messages each time he/she runs a report.

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