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Excel Free Paste Add-in for Dynamics GP. Best thing since sliced bread!

Since GP 2015, this function has been incorporated into standard GP. You no longer need to go to the Dynamics Innovations site to find it.

The copy can be hundreds of lines long. Our customers love not having to retype those long journals from ADP.

This was written by Mohammad Daoud of Dynamics Innovations He is a well-known Microsoft MVP, whose company has many add-on products for GP at reasonable prices. This product is FREE! Here is the link to that download ( We can help you install it, if you wish.

Here is how it works:

1) Open the Excel file. Highlight and copy (CTRL+C) the 4 columns below. Ignore the header row. The Distribution Reference column happens to be the same as the Account Description, but it will put in anything you type into the Excel file in that Distribution Reference column.

2) Open the General Journal Entry screen in the Financials section of GP. Notice the top menu item “Additional”. This is where the Free Excel Paste program sits. You’ll need to press this button, once you have positioned your mouse cursor in the Account field of the Transaction Entry screen below.

3) Presto-Change-o, the Excel file gets pasted into GP.

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