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Pushing changes from GP Report Writer to Word Templates

If you want to propagate changes from the basic RW report, here are the steps:

  1. * Add field(s) and make changes to the basic RW report.

  1. * Print to an XML file a sample of the GP Report that you changed, SOP Invoice for example.

  1. * Open the Modified Word Template, Developer Tab, select the particular XML file as Source, and click the Remove Source button.

  • This first requires that the Word Add-On for GP was installed from the GP install disk. It also requires that it is installed for each user profile on the network that intend to use this Developer Tab.)

  • * The Developer Tab is where you can see the GP field list and can add captions and fields.

  • * The Developer Tab is exposed in Office 2010 ++ by "Customizing the Ribbon".

  1. * Then Add Source using the saved XML file from the RW report that you just created in step 2 above.

  2. * Pick the field from the Navigation pane on the left. Put it in the correct section (same as in RW report).

  1. * Save the Modified Word Template (Save As - a new file name) to the Report Template folder, under the Dynamics GP. (see the blog on Modifying Word Templates).

  2. * Click the Plus sign on the Template window to overwrite that template back into the database. (See the blog on modifying Word Templates).

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