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Modifying GP Word Templates

Back around GP 2010 Microsoft added Word Templates to format the Standard Report Writer reports. If you wanted your report to look pretty, you displayed it using a Word Template. Another advantage is that you could create multiple Word Templates for just one Report Writer Report. So you could use different logos and layouts for separate GP companies.

Go to the Reports menu to choose Template Maintenance

Choose which GP Report and Template version of the GP Report Writer Report you need to edit

Choose which Word version of this Report you are to work on

Make sure that report template version is assigned to the company you want

Click the Modify button in the toolbar to access the Word template

Before you make any changes to this template, you should save the "old version" as "name of report - old.docx". Save it in the Report Templates folder underneath the Dynamics GP folder.

Once assigned (and after you SAVED a backup copy), then click the Modify button in the toolbar to access the Word template again.

Enter your change directly into the Word document. However text needs to be entered into a table/cell; so create a new row beneath the Bill To address.

Once the new row is created, type the text into the cell

Save your changes to a folder you can find. Changes are automatically saved to your Temp folder. You don''t want it there, because you may not be able to find that version again.

A good place is in the Report Templates folder under your Dynamics GP home folder. Make sure this name is different than the backup copy name.

This does not change the existing template. You need to do one more thing. That is overwrite the GP database with the newly modified template. This overwrite process is done by pressing the plus sign; choosing the template document (docx) from where you last saved it; and overwriting the file as stored in your company DB - in this case the Test Company.

Confirm that you are okay with the overwrite

Run the particular report in GP to see if it worked. If it was a Modified GP Report, then make sure that GP knows to run the Modified Version, instead of the Standard Version of that report.

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